Lifestyle Courses

These courses relate to lifestyle and will be coming shortly. Stay tuned.

      Getting Over An Ex
          A relationship breakup can be extremely difficult to get over. This course contains some key strategies that work to help you move forward.
ccccccWhat Clive shares here is what he uses with great success in his consulting business.
ccccccWhen you love someone, you need them with you to make you feel secure. Learn how to feel secure without them.
ccccccThis course not only shows you how to get over an ex, it shows you how to attract the right person into your life.


      Weight Loss
cccccccGet your thinking right and the weight will start to fall away.
           Every weight loss client Clive has consulted with has made five major mistakes in their pursuit of losing weight. It is essential to get these key elements right if you want long term results.
cccccccWhile food and exercise play a part, your thinking plays a much bigger part as it determines how you feel, what you eat and how motivated you are to achieve your goals.
cccccc In fact, most people fail to achieve their goal because they set the wrong goal. Learn to set the right goal so you begin to achieve results.


     9 Steps To Being A Great Parent
ccccccParenting can be frustrating or it can be rewarding and fulfilling.
ccccccThis course takes you through the key steps in a common sense and systematic way to allow you to be able to work with your child.
ccccccThis course is a must for any parents or parents to be as it explains how to get their programming right.